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Take a unique British reading journey with a fiction book set in Britain – each month a different area – and specially selected local products to enhance your reading experience.

Or try our exclusively Scottish boxes.

A literary experience like no other!

The Travelling Reader brings you British books and gifts each month to give you a unique armchair reading journey.

Member Benefits

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Enhance your reading with a monthly British book and carefully curated British brands which either match the book's theme or the area in which the book is set.

We make it easy to enjoy your next fiction read by parceling all these fabulous British items and sending them straight to your door for you to have a reading journey without leaving home.

Discover the British Isles. Immerse yourself in great British literature and sample the best brands from the country. Experience unique reading journeys like no other.

How does it work?

British book subscription box club

Subscribe to one of our great boxes.
Cancel or skip anytime.

British book subscription box club

Receive your box –
Boxes dispatch around the 20th each month.

British book subscriptions

Enjoy many different British reading journeys each month!

British book subscriptions

Books are our thing!

And we think British books are the best.

Each month, we feature a paperback fiction book set somewhere in the UK, team it with some extra-special British goods which match the theme of the book or which come from the selected area, and send it right to your door.

British book subscriptions

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