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Northamptonshire is in the middle of England, a landlocked county surrounded by eight others. Named the Rose of the Shires, Northamptonshire is an area of churches, cottages and market towns. And there's miles of walks and cycle paths as well as canals to keep you safe while you enjoy the countryside or visit one of the many country parks.

Northamptonshire - The Travelling Reader

Places to visit


Abington Park, the Canal Museum, Rushton Triangular Lodge, Daventry Country Park, Fotheringhay Castle, Wicksteed Park.


Books based in this county:

Authors associated with this county 

Authors who are associated with this county (born or lived here) or who have based their books here.

Anne Fine

Pat Jones

P J Flynn

Joy Burnett

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Northamptonshire - The Travelling Reader


Our box included The Silk Factory by Judith Allnatt.

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Included: book, bookmark, coffee, candle, earrings, chocolate, travel information, photos, personalised postcard.

Map  by Nilfanion [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons. Not affiliated with The Travelling Reader.

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