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October, 2022
London and Suffolk

This novel charts the fictional story of Lily who was taken to the London Foundling hospital. And as well as taking a trip to the capital, we also visit Suffolk in the East Anglia region of England. Much of the county is low-lying, with 60 nature reserves and two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Both areas offer an outstanding reading experience.


  • Paperback, Lily by Rose Tremain

  • Marimba of Suffolk White hot chocolate melt flakes

  • Camellios of London English Breakfast tea

  • Cole & Lewis shampoo and body wash

  • Marimba white chocolate bar

  • Letter from the author

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Photos of the areas mentioned in the book

  • Personalised postcard

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September, 2022
West Scotland

This month we are taking a reading journey to the South West of Scotland with its stunning mountainous landscape and dramatic coastline. With the backdrop of cliffs and castles, beaches and fishing ports, mountains and lochs, this area is understandably inspiring. A centre-piece of the novel, Loch Doon is around 5 miles in length and 1 mile at it’s widest point. It is situated in the majestic Galloway hills. Time to immerse yourself in this beautiful Scottish scenery.

  • Paperback, The House by the Loch

  • Jenier Scottish All Day tea

  • Gardiner's Traditional Scottish Toffee

  • Gardiner's Scottish Butter Tablet

  • Heather and Haggis tea towel (either Scotland or Lochs)

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Personalised postcard

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August, 2022

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This month's story begins in the enchanting city of Ely, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding land, although there are excursions to other parts of the county – and country, too – with a stunning, vivid account of Cromwell, his daughter, and the fate of England.

  • Paperback, The Rebel Daughter by Miranda Malins

  • Ely Fudge Company Fudge

  • Cambridge Breakfast Tea

  • English Soap Company soap (book-related)

  • Beeswax candles from Cambridgeshire (either one large candle or 2 slim candles)

  • Letter from the author

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Photos of the areas mentioned in the book

  • Personalised postcard

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July, 2022
Belfast, Northern Ireland

This month we visit the Ards Peninsula in County Down on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland and Belfast. The peninsula separates Strangford Lough from the North Channel of the Irish Sea. Explore the area with the included items from the area: see the photos of the landscape, taste the local biscuits, sample the tea in a Belfast cup, and find out more about the region with the novel. This gorgeous area has 115 miles of scenic coastline, beauty spots, heritage, and a dramatic history. Enjoy your thrilling reading journey.

  • Paperback, Northern Spy

  • Suki of Northern Ireland, Belfast Tea

  • Traditional Irish Butter Shortbread from Graham's of Northern Ireland

  • 'A wee cup of Tea' enamel mug from Belfast-based Born and Bred

  • Keyring

  • Travel information

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Personalised postcard

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June, 2022
Road Trip!

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This has got to be the ultimate road trip!

From the south west corner of England until you reach the capital of Scotland, hold on to your heartstrings as you experience a roller-coaster ride of anxiety and sadness, laughter and joy.

  • Paperback, The Funny Thing About Norman Forman

  • Cornwall Tea

  • Cornwall fudge

  • Welsh Tea

  • Edinburgh Shortbread biscuits

  • Edinburgh notepad and fantastic inspirational pencils

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Photos

  • Personalised postcard

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May, 2022
Devon, England

The May box is a getaway reading adventure to the gorgeous county of Devon in England.

With long sandy beaches on both the north and the south sides of the county, and pretty seaside towns, Devon is a popular holiday place for tourists. And featuring rolling countryside and moors within its boundaries, Devon has something

for everyone.

Our chosen book, My Lies, Your Lies by Susan Lewis is based in Devon and is a captivating tale of deadly secrets.

  • Paperback, My Lies, Your Lies by Susan Lewis

  • Devonshire Tea

  • Devon Fudge

  • Devon-made bath salts and bath foam

  • Devon illustrated postcard

  • Travel information

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Personalised postcard

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