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The city of Oxford is a main educational centre and a vibrant, tourist hotspot in the heart of England. The "city of dreaming spires" has lured many a traveller over the centuries. Combine this with the relaxing, rolling hills of the Cotswolds, quintessentially English villages, and market towns, and Oxfordshire is a great place to visit.

Oxfordshire - The Travelling Reader

Places to visit


Oxford University museum, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford Botanical Gardens, Blenheim Palace, Christ Church Cathedral, Sheldonian Theatre.


Books based in this county:

Authors associated with this county 

Authors who are associated with this county (born or lived here) or who have based their books here.

P D James,

J R R Tolkien (buried)

C S Lewis (died)

T E Lawrence (Seven wrote Pillars of Wisdom while at Oxford)

Oscar Wilde (attended Oxford university)

Richard Adam

Nina Bawden

C S Lewis

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Oxfordshire - The Travelling Reader


Our box included the book set in Oxfordshire, The Madwoman Upstairs.

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Included: book, tea, bookmark, butterscotch, tealights, postcard, travel information, photos, personalised postcard.

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Map  by Nilfanion [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons. Not affiliated with The Travelling Reader.

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