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September 2020

Ninth edition

Although Deptford was in the county of Kent at one stage, it was always a borough which was close to London and is now part of this sprawling city. 

The once crime-ridden dockyards at Deptford, by the side of the River Thames, is this month's book setting and was the site of ship building and slave trading for centuries. In this novel, we can visit eighteenth century London and experience the corruption and murder, which went alongside the slave trade, with vivid scenes and description that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

We'd like to invite you to take your reading journey this month into this dark and foreboding world and to feel the suspense in this brilliant debut novel from Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

  •  Paperback, Blood and Sugar by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

  • Lomond coffee from Deptford

  • Exclusive bookmark and earrings

  • Leather-bourd journal

  • London biscuits

  • Letter from the author 

Only £35.99

Only £35.99

August 2020

Eighth edition 

Set in and around the area of Clapham Common, a large triangular parkland of 220 acres in the town of Clapham, south London, this book is a tale of a family loyalties in the aftermath of World War 2. Inside its boundaries, the park has three ponds and a Victorian bandstand. Around the common, there are Victorian and Edwardian homes in which secrets can be kept which will take years to uncover. We take a reading journey with some native London characters and with Krista, a newcomer who is experiencing a strange new life in an unfamiliar - and unwelcoming - country.

  • Paperback, The New Mrs Clifton by Elizabeth Buchan

  • Clapham Common Mug

  • Mr Stanley's of London Tiffin Fudge

  • Tea Rations Breakfast Tea - 40 teabags

  • London-based The Naked Herb lavender soap

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Photos of London

  • Letter from the author

  • Personalised postcard

March 2020

Seventh edition

This box will take you on a reading journey to within the vast expanse of one of London's 'Magnificent Seven'. Highgate Cemetery. This Victorian burial ground is one of the settings from the novel and which is now home to over 170,000 'residents', some of them famous. We invite you to journey with us back in time to the cemetery in the early Edwardian reign as we sample the lives of some remarkable characters who face challenges in the new modern era.

  •  Paperback, Falling Angels by Tracey Chevalier

  • Chocolate from Raw Halo of London

  • The Tea Makers of London Assam tea

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Feminist tea towel (book related)

  • Feminist pencils (book related)

  • Personalised postcard

  • Photos of Highgate

  • Letter from the author 

Only £35.99

Only £35.99

February 2020

Sixth edition 

Concentrating on the area around London Zoo and Regents Park, this novel takes on a London journey you will never forget with a cast of undeniably memorable characters. Readers are shown the city from the perspective of those who live in this great capital and from those who are strangers. In this London-centric tale, Macgregor weaves a story of family, love, loyalty and intrigue, bringing you into the heart of the city - we are positive you will be entralled.

  • Paperback, You Found Me by Virginia Macgregor

  • Chocolate bar from Raw Halo

  • Proper Peppermint tea from Joe's Tea Company of London

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Exclusive earrings (book related) 

  • London print in a frame

  • Photos of London

  • Letter from the author

  • Personalised postcard

Janurary 2020

Fifth edition

Juxtaposing the upmarket suburbs such as Pimlico to the west of London with the poorer, bomb-damaged areas in the east of the capital, Chris Cleave takes us on a detailed tour of the country's most beloved city, spinning a tale of strength and love alongside a nation at war. Visiting the most famous landmarks including Trafalgar Square, the Embankment and the River Thames, Whitehall, Regent's Park, and Hampstead Heath, this novel is utterly brimming with London charm even in the midst of war and heartbreak.

  • Hardback, Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

  • Chocolate bar from London based company, Raw Halo

  • Joe's Tea Company of London: The Earl of Grey tea bags

  • Exclusive bookmark, Keep Calm and Carry On

  • London Borough of Jam Blackbery and Bay Leaves Jam

  • London tea towel and place mat

  • London photos

  • London tourist information

  • Personalised postcard

Only £35.99

Only £35.99

December 2019

Fourth edition

“A day in London sets me up and starts me” Charles Dickens (1846).

This Christmas season, follow in the footsteps of Mr Charles Dickens as he walks the streets of Victorian London from his home at 1 Devonshire Terrace to Covent Garden, along the River Thames, Furnivall's Inn, and other historic places.

What better way to experience London at this time of the year? As is so eloquently stated within the novel included in this London box, 'Without a Christmas book we are done for.' (Page 78.)

  • Paperback, Mr Dickens and his Carol by Samantha Silva

  • Christmas pudding from Mcclarens of London

  • Christmas Tea Blend from The Tea Makers of London

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Dickens inspired mug

  • Mistletoe

  • Lonson photos

  • Letter from the author

  • Personalised postcard

November 2019

Third edition

The Huguenots were Britain's first refugees, who escaped religious persecution in Catholic France in and around 1685. Many of these people settled in the London areas such as the City, Clerkenwell, and, notably for this novel, Spitalfields. Spitalfields is a district in the east of London and includes many markets such as Spitalfields market, Brick Lane market and Petticoat Lane market. Most notably, Huguenots are well known for their contribution to the textile industry, especially silk. Come with us on a Huguenot reading journey to the east of the capital.

  • Hardback, Black Berry and Wild Rose by Sonia Velton

  • Rose chocolate from Love Cocoa of London

  • Joe's Tea Company of London - Berry tea

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Sloane's of London hot chocolate

  • Josephine Thomas of London lavender candle

  • Personalised postcard

  • Photos of London

Only £35.99

October 2019

Second edition

This month we take a journey into the heart of the city of London in this contemporary novel. Using a splendid and iconic backdrop, St Paul's Cathedral, we are taken on a journey from the wealth and  opulence of a hedge fund manager to the peaceful demonstration camps of the common man.

Explore the city of London and its surroundings as you journey with the main character, Gabriel, through his life-changing and life-affirming story.

  • Paperback, The Empathy Problem

  • Chocolate bar Gin and Tonic from London based company, Love Cocoa

  • Ever so English breakfast tea from London company Joe's Tea 

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • St Paul's cathedral cushion cover

  • London photos

  • Personalised postcard

Only £35.99

September, 2019

First edition

The novel, The Fourteenth Letter by Claire Evans is set in the English capital city, London in the latter part of the 19th century. The characters travel from Hammersmith in the west, to Farringdon in central London, and also Fleet Street in the city. The grand church of Westminster Abbey is mentioned in the novel and is in the city of Westminster, very close to the Palace of Westminster.

  • Paperback, The Fourteenth Letter by Claire Evans

  • The Tea Maker's of London: Peppermint triunes

  • Chocolate bar from London company Amelia Rope

  • Exclusive bookmark

  • Book-related T Shirt

  • Personalised postcard

  • Photos of London

Only £35.99

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