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British book subscription box club

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British book subscription box club

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Important information

How the boxes are shipped:

All one-time and monthly subscription boxes can be ordered at any time.

Boxes do not ship immediately, but each month on a set day which is the 20th (except shop boxes which can be ordered for next day dispatch if you are in the UK only, here in the shop). Please note: all international purchases from the shop will ship alongside regular shipment dates of the 20th of the month.

  • The 'current' month's box runs between 11th to the 10th of the next month

  • Deadline to order the current month's box: 10th of the month

  • Orders dispatched: 20th


Please be aware of the following additional information:

If you order between 10th-19th, ie after the cut-off, and we have current stock, we may send you the current box in line with the other orders on the 20th. However, this is not guaranteed and you may receive the following month's box after dispatch on the 20th of the next month.

For example:

Jane orders on the 1st of November. As she has ordered before the cut-off date of the 10th November, she will receive the November box once it has dispatched on the 20th November. 

Mary orders her box on the 28th of November. The cut-off for the November box has passed (10th) so she will receive the December box, after it has been dispatched on the 20th December.

Sylvia orders her box on the 19th November. Luckily, we have current excess stock so Sylvia will receive her box after it has dispatched on the 20th November with the other November boxes.

Tina orders her box on 19th November, just after Sylvia. In this case, we do not have excess stock and so Tina will not be able to receive the November box. She will receive the December box after it has been dispatched on the 20th December.


The Original Travelling Reader

British regional monthly book subscription boxes

​Our monthly Original box contains a fiction book and perfect accompanying gifts directly from the book setting.

Subscriptions and one-time boxes.

What's included:

  • A fiction book with a British setting

  • Information local to the area (where available)

  • Personalised postcard

  • British beverage from the locality

  • British edibles from the locality

  • Book- or place-related gift item

  • Exclusive bookmark

Subscription £34.99 monthly, £35.99 one-time. Post and packing also applies. 
Please remember that, unless you choose a one-time box, this is a subscription box and will automatically renew monthly  unless you choose a definite subscription period at the checkout, skip or cancel. Changing or cancelling your plan is easy by logging in to your account. One-time boxes are sent at the same time as subscriptions (on the 20th of the month) and are the current month's box.
If you are not automatically directed to the checkout page, just click the cart button at the top of this page.

Subscription details and FAQs

Please read the following before purchase.


Please note: All of our boxes contain beverages, confectionery, and sometimes other edible products. Please be aware that these often contain allergens (nuts, milk, wheat as well as others) and we strongly advise you to avoid purchase or consumption of these products if you have a food allergy, intolerance or medical condition. We also include small items, such as a bookmark or other products, that may present a choking hazard. Please keep all such items away from babies and young children.


What's in your boxes?

For our monthly Original Travelling Reader boxes, you will receive a fiction book that is set in Britain or Ireland and book- or place-related items  which complement your reading experience (see our What's in the box? page here). You may discover an item from the locality or something from the story itself. Where possible, we aim to source our products from locally based suppliers or small business artisans to support the local economy. Please see our Previous Original Boxes here to see examples of these boxes. We select our fiction books from novels written anytime after January 2000 and based in a British area.

Please note, the choice of items in your box is based on the value of the complete reading experience, not the total monetary value. 

How much are your boxes?

Price for subscription is £34.99. One-time boxes are slightly higher in price. 

If I subscribe, when will I be billed?

If this is your first time subscribing, you will be billed immediately. After receiving your first box, you will be billed on each 1st of the month.

What counts as the current month?

Subscriptions purchased before the 10th of the month will receive the current month's box. Subscriptions purchased on or after the 10th will receive next month's box. For example, if you purchase a subscription on the 9th August, you will receive the August box. Purchases made on the 10th August would result in receiving the September box. However, please also see information above.

How do I purchase a subscription? And can I purchase more than one?

Our subscription page is hosted by Subbly. It is not possible to add more than one subscription to the cart at any one time. But you can complete a subscription for a box and then complete another transaction for a different box. This means you will need to complete each transaction separately if you want to subscribe to two or more boxes. 

When do you ship the boxes?

We ship our boxes around the 20th of the month - please be aware this may fluctuate but usually by no more than 1-2 days in normal circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes delays can occur but we are always working hard behind the scenes to get your box to you on time and we will always keep you informed.

One-time purchases for previous items we already have in stock (from the shop) are dispatched next day if you are in the UK BUT they are dispatched with our regular shipments only on the 20th of each month, if you are an international customer. We no longer send international purchases at any other time during the month.

How is the box shipped?

We use Royal Mail 2nd Class delivery for the UK and Standard shipping with Transglobal Express for international customers except for those in Canada which go by Royal Mail standard.

How much is postage and packing?

UK shipping is £3.99 per box. International shipping is £17.99 for all other subscription boxes. 


How long will it be before my box arrives?

Please expect this to take at least 2 days to be delivered to your address in the UK. If you do not receive your box within at least 14 working days, feel free to contact us so that we can report the incident with the postal service. International shipping times will vary according to country and we cannot be held responsible for any delays. We are also not responsible for paying international import charges if these apply to your country. 

What happens if no one is in to receive the box?

If you miss your delivery and have received a delivery slip, you can ask your postal service to redeliver your box which should be for no extra charge. However, this may be dependent on your postal system rules. Please remember that if your box is not collected within a certain time-frame (dependent on your postal service), it will be returned to us in accordance with their rules. In this instance, if a box is returned to us, we can either refund the money you have paid for the box (not delivery costs) or we can resend the box on receipt of a further shipping payment.


What if I have already read this book?

As The Travelling Reader boxes uses the surprise element, book titles are not normally disclosed to the recipients until they have received the box and therefore, you may on times receive a book you already have. We would hope that the other products included with the box would complement the book and more than compensate for any unknowing duplication. We do not refund boxes based on this reason. Alternatively, we would suggest that the book could be given to a friend. 


Can I skip a month or cancel?

Of course! We charge you each month for your monthly box on a recurring basis until you decide to cancel. If you want to skip a month, that's not a problem. Just log in and request to skip. If you want to cancel altogether, you can do so also by logging into your account. Please bear in mind the date of the month because we may have already taken payment or shipped your box. But, don't worry, we will send you an email before your subscription renews just to let you know.

If you have any problem, just email us at info@thetravellingreader.com

How do I cancel?

Login to your account. Click the red text 'manage your subscription'. Click the red text 'subscription settings' where you can skip or cancel your subscription with ease.

I missed out on a box I really wanted! What can I do?

After boxes have been shipped out to customers, we generally have a small amount left which we then put on sale. However, these are limited and once they have sold out, there are no more. The shop boxes also cost a little more, so we advise subscribing to the box on a monthly basis to get a better deal!

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Yes. All of our boxes contain beverages, confectionery, and sometimes other edible products. Please be aware that these often contain allergens (nuts, milk, wheat as well as others) and we strongly advise you to avoid purchase or consumption of these products if you have a food allergy, intolerance or medical condition. We also include small items, such as a bookmark or other products, that may present a choking hazard. Please keep all such items away from babies and young children.

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