Canva - Early morning mist on Buttermere


July, 2021
Wiltshire, England

Located in the south west of England, Wiltshire is a land of wide valleys and rolling countryside. Half of the area is designated an Area of Outstanding National Beauty. With ancient historical landmarks like Stonehenge, Avebury Stone Circles, and white horse carving on the hillsides, Wiltshire is a popular attraction for visitors. Come on a reading journey with the July box of The Original Travelling Reader which is based in this part of England and a tasting journey with Simply British Tastes.

June, 2021
London, England

We can say without hint of bias, that London, the capital city of England, is perhaps one of the most fascinating and adored cities in the world. With its far-reaching history, London provides iconic landmarks, culture, art, food, nightlife, and fun for all. We're taking a trip to the capital this month with our Original Travelling Reader and Simply British Tastes boxes.

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