Books based in this county:

Authors associated with this county 

Authors who are associated with this county (born or lived here) or who have based their books here.

David Almond (Skellig)

Catherine Cookson

Diana Ross (The Little Red Engine)

Lee Hall (Billy Elliot)

Local directory

Find your perfect cuppa or indulge your sweet cravings by choosing one of these great local companies.

Places to eat and drink

Town House Tea Room

11 Grainger St

Newcastle upon Tyne


Mrs Pumphreys Curious Leaves Tea Shoppe

Grainger Market

Grainger St

Newcastle upon Tyne


Tea Sutra Teahouse

1st Floor

2 Leazes Park Rd

Newcastle upon Tyne


Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse

Claremont Buildings

1 Eldon Place

Newcastle upon Tyne


Hedley's Riverside Coffee Shop

Grange Rd

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 8ND

Sandra's Village Tea Room

6A Woolsington Gardens


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE13 8AR

The Little Coffee House



NE11 0NF

Delicious Decadence

2 Newlands Rd

Newcastle upon Tyne


Waggonway Tearoom

Stephenson Railway Museum

Middle Engine Ln



North Shields

Blue Bramble Teahouse

251-253 Whitley Rd

Whitley Bay

NE26 2SY

Tyne and Wear

The county owes its name to the River Tyne and the River Wear which flow through the region. Situated in the North East of England, this county has the urbanised cities of Newcastle and Gateshead (with the accompanying historical museums, state-of-the-art galleries, restaurants and shopping facilities) and the peaceful tranquility of the sandy beaches like Tynemouth. 

Places to visit


Discovery Museum, Centre for Life, Angel of the North, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Segedunum, Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle Cathedral, The Catle Newcastle, Tyne Bridge.

Map  by Nilfanion [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons. Not affiliated with The Travelling Reader.

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