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The London Travelling Reader

Come on a London reading journey

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Come on a reading journey around London!

The London Travelling Reader monthly book box includes a fiction book for you set in the capital, and comes with accompanying items such as tea and confectionery from London.

What's in the new box?

All of our boxes are kept under wraps so that they are a surprise to subscribers when opened.

So here's an example of items from a previous box. A London book, a beverage, some confectionery, a bookmark, postcard, and photos. And, remember, all of the items included are full box products, no half measures here! 

Unlike our Original Travelling Reader, these boxes don't have a gift alongside, however these boxes are a little bit easier on the purse and are sure to send you on a lovely London reading journey!

British book subscription box club

A fiction book based somewhere within England's capital, London.

British book subscription box club

A London edible such as chocolate or biscuits from a London company.

British book subscription box club

This box wouldn't be complete without including a London beverage!

British book subscription box club

We tuck some local photos inside your book's pages to enhance your reading journey.

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Mark your page with a

themed bookmark

designed especially for subscribers.

British book subscription box club

We love personalising your box and include a handwritten personalised postcard.

Also: Some boxes include a letter from the author especially written for Travelling Reader subscribers.

British book subscription box club
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